Dr. Elizabeth Morgan

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Who am I?

I am a Board Certified plastic surgeon with a PhD in psychology and an MPH in public health. My commitment has always been to help others. I use my plastic surgery and cosmetic plastic surgery skills to do this.

What about my training?

My fifteen years of education and medical training were at Harvard, Yale and Tufts, all in New England. If you send us a message using the contact link on this website, my staff will send you a copy of my full CV. I was fortunate to train at famous institutions, but I take even greater pride in using that training in the best possible way to help you.

What about my practice?

I am in “solo practice”. This means I am the only person who treats you. My Office Manager, Samantha and my Surgical Assistant, Maggie share my ideals. We want you to feel welcome, at ease, happy and respected when you come to our office and to get the best possible care and result, whether you are having a tiny mole removed or extensive face and body rejuvenation.

What should you expect?

My offices are in Buckhead and in Alpharetta. You will find us very welcoming. Samantha or Gina will greet you. There are forms to fill out, because it helps me advise you if I know as much as possible about your general health. I will see you privately and spend as much time as possible with you. First visits may take fifteen minutes for some people, more than an hour for others. We explain everything and you will get it in writing too.

And there’s more…

My mission is to help you look the way you’d like to look. If you have a question, come in and ask me. Our looks are part of who we are and how we feel about ourselves. Cosmetic treatments and surgery are popular not because they are frivolous, but because they are profoundly helpful and often life changing to many women and men. There is nothing frivolous about wanting to reveal our beauty to the world and have a better and happier life!

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